02/09/18 IEF became an official partner of University College London.
01/28/18 Congratulations! 11 students received International Education Foundations Meiying Scholarship!
01/08/18 IEF becomes an official partner of UC Santa Barbara.
11/08/17 IEF became an official partner of Michigan State University.
08/18/17 IEF became an official partner of UC San Diego.
08/17/17 Students from 5 universities joined UT Austin Software Engineering Program.
IEF, as a non-profit organization, promotes international education mobility by providing high quality and low cost study abroad opportunities to students through a global network of top-tier universities
IEF is working with top-tier institutions all over the world for a high standard international university network to promote the global students mobility and university-university collaboration in the network.
IEF provides programs for both students and university staffs. IEF keeps working with partner universities on offering more high quality program opportunities for students and teachers global mobility.
High quality services provided by IEF are the key elements for students and professional staffs to fulfill theirs international program and achieve their goals. IEF has rich experience of providing high quality services.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any question. You can send a web enquiry to us in a webpage.