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IEF, as a non-profit organization, promotes international education mobility by providing high quality and low cost study abroad opportunities to students through a global network of top-tier universities.
Board of Advisors
IEF’s Board of Advisors consists of experts from global Universities and higher education institutes. Their deep expertise in international higher education is highly valuable to IEF.
George CHEN, Ph.D.

Dr. Chen is responsible for providing strategic leadership for IEF by working with the Board. He came to IEF with 15-years' of diverse experience in international education, business and strategy. Before IEF, he was the president of the SAF International University Network. He has also held increasingly responsible leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies, including Siemens, General Motors, Honeywell and Motorola. He had successfully managed a business startup in China and had deep understanding of culture and higher education in Asia. Dr. Chen holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MBA from University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.
Staff Member
IEF has a team of staff with high ambition, deep expertise and long-time experience in international higher education, which is the most valuable asset for IEF’s mission. All IEF staff have rich experience and deep understanding in internationalization of higher education. Most had long working experience in either Universities or nonprofit education institutes.
As a non-profit organization,IEF focuses on the mission of promoting international education mobility.

With highly professional staff in international education, IEF leverages its deep expertise to provide high quality program design and service to help the Universities achieve their goal of internationalization and provide best study-abroad opportunities for students.

IEF runs as a network of international universities, with the transparency among the Universities, programs and students.

IEF combines the efficiency of business management with the mission of a non-profit organization. The highly efficient operation in IEF provides fast response, low cost and high value to our partner Universities and students.

IEF is an international network with operation in countries across the globe and team members from different cultures. Our deep understanding of both eastern and western cultures helps IEF become a better player in the domain of international higher education.