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International University Network

IEF is working with top-tier institutions all over the world for a high standard international university network to promote the global students mobility and university-university collaboration in the network.
IEF Philosophy

IEF works with partner universities for Win-win result. IEF wants to grow by helping partner universities to achieve their goals of internationalization.

IEF doesn’t just send students to the partner Universities. With the deep understanding of international education and cultural difference, we work closely with our partner Universities to design the highest quality programs that best fit our students’ needs. We also help Universities to find suitable partners so that they can cooperate with each other.

IIEF runs under the model of international university network. Unlike some other agencies, we try to work as the bridge among Universities from different regions of the world. Transparency is IEF’s principle. We are fully transparent in every program, when working with our partner Universities and students.

High quality
IEF works with a network of top-tier Universities in the worlds. We deliver the most highly qualified students with diverse backgrounds to your programs and beyond. As an example, most of IEF’s students have plan for continuing graduate study.

Students First
As a not-for-profit with the mission of promoting the mobility of international education, IEF is the trusted partner to always put students' interest first.
Superior service
IEF provides outstanding end-to-end students support and service from the application, visa, pre-departure orientation to credit transfer. With professional advising and program design, we make sure that our students are well prepared and suitable for the program. We also help resolve any issue that our students may have while studying abroad so that they can focus on the study, which significantly reduces your time and efforts.
IEF's Services to University

For Host/Receiving Universites
  • To Provide needed marketing information and suggestion
  • Addressing some host universities’ recruitment needs, IEF shall provide the marketing and policy information in the recruitment target market to help host universities have a clearer understanding to the target market.
  • To provide extra resource and assist the host universities on program promotion
  • To make sure students prepare the right application materials with right format in right procedure
  • To have help host universities make business trip to efficiently and effectively visit home universities

For Home/sending University
  • Addressing home universities’ international program needs, IEF shall provide the marketing and policy information in the program destination countries to help home universities easily achieve their goals
  • To assist sending/home university to complete international program design
  • To help sending/home universities seek for the right oversea institution partners.
  • To assist sending/home university on program promotion.
  • To assist sending/home university to consult their students on International programs
  • To assist sending/home university on program implementation