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The high quality services are
provided byIEF for both students and universities.
Student Services
Career Planning and Program Consulting
IEF consulting team has more than 10 year international education working experience. The consulting exprert will provide professional suggestion on students' career development addressing on each student's particular characteristics. IEF recommend the best-fit program to a student in order to maximize the student's career development.
Application Processing
Once a student decide to take an IEF international program, IEF shall assist the student to complete the application process by all means including but not limited to face to face talk, phone call, email, Instant messenger, SMS etc. The detailed business are in the following 2 categories. 
  • To guide the applicant to prepare the application materials required by the host university for admission such as GPA(Official Transcript), language proficiency, recommendation letter etc.
  • To guide the applicant to follow the home university’s required procedure for study abroad like putting study abroad application into record in Academic Affair Office, International Office etc.
  • Pre-Departure
    Once a student successfully gets the admission from the host university for a study abroad program, IEF shall provide professional pre-departure service to the student. The pre-departure covers both study side and living side, so the student shall have comprehensive understanding to the new environment the student will face soon. IEF believes the quality pre-departure service shall make the student adapt to the new oversea environment quickly and reduce the potential risk caused by the unfamiliarity to a new environment.
    Emergency Support Service
    IEF shall provide the emergency support service to students who are in outstanding international programs overseas. The emergency cases includes the lost of important travel document, serious injure or health problem etc. For the top priority emergency case, IEF shall send staff to meet the student in person and provide onsite service.

    University Services
    For Host/Receiving Universites
    • To Provide needed marketing information and suggestion
    • Addressing some host universities’ recruitment needs, IEF shall provide the marketing and policy information in the recruitment target market to help host universities have a clearer understanding to the target market.
    • To provide extra resource and assist the host universities on program promotion
    • To make sure students prepare the right application materials with right format in right procedure
    • To have help host universities make business trip to efficiently and effectively visit home universities
    For Home/sending University

    • Addressing home universities’ international program needs, IEF shall provide the marketing and policy information in the program destination countries to help home universities easily achieve their goals
    • To assist sending/home university to complete international program design
    • To help sending/home universities seek for the right oversea institution partners.
    • To assist sending/home university on program promotion.
    • To assist sending/home university to consult their students on International programs
    • To assist sending/home university on program implementation